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Like Mike (w/ Kate Graham and Sharan Kaur)

Following two historic electoral losses, the Ontario Liberal Party is facing an existential crisis as it prepares to pick its next leader. Some veteran members and former cabinet ministers made headlines recently by releasing a letter asking Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner to ditch his party and run for OLP leadership. First, Adam is joined by Kate Graham, a former Ontario Liberal leadership candidate and candidate in London North Centre, who signed the letter. Then, he catches up with Sharan Kaur, a Liberal strategist and political analyst who has vocally criticized the campaign, to discuss both sides of the issue, and the future of the party.

The Generational Divide (w/ Sean Speer)

We have seen successive governments purposefully cater policy to the oldest among us, and ask the younger generations to pick up the tab. What kind of impact will this have on the opportunities and optimism our youth have for their futures? This week, Adam is joined by Sean Speer, who has sat on Canada’s leading think tanks, acted as a leading policy analyst to Stephen Harper, and currently teaches at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, to discuss whether this imbalance will create a divide amongst Canadians, or if it’s a necessary part of growing up in an aging society.

Canada’s Crime Disconnect (w/ Tristin Hopper)

Rising incidents of crime are causing anxiety amongst Canadians. With all parties pointing fingers, the Trudeau Liberals have been silent on the issue. What will it take to finally see decisive action? This week, Adam is joined by Tristin Hopper, a columnist for the National Post, to discuss the alarming rise in crime, and what it means for Canadians’ trust (or lack thereof) in the country’s legal system.

Fixing Toronto’s Housing Crisis (w/ Councillor Brad Bradford)

Toronto, among many cities across Canada, is facing a generational housing crisis. With soaring costs, those looking to buy in the city are being shut out of the market and renters are faced with limited options for an affordable place to call home. This week, Adam sits down with Brad Bradford, Toronto City Councillor and Chair of the City’s Planning and Housing Committee to talk about the “Housing Action Plan” that City Council recently adopted, and to discuss whether it has what it takes to overcome the city’s biggest challenge.