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Refugee Roadblocks (w/Senator Ratna Omidva)

This week, host Amanda Galbraith speaks with Canadian Senator and member of the World Refugee and Migration Council Ratna Omidva on the growing refugee crisis facing Afghanistan and Ukraine. The two unpack the current debate around resettlement, and share important ways we can help support those in need. If you like this episode, check out Moving the Needle on Wicked Problems:

Not a Coalition (w/ Sally Housser and Colin MacDonald)

This week host Amanda Galbraith speaks with former Navigator colleague and NDP strategist Sally Housser and Navigator Principal and Liberal commentator Colin MacDonald about the supply and confidence agreement and what it means for the next three years of government. The three also catch up on the UCP leadership race currently underway in Alberta.

On the Front Lines (w/ Laryssa Waler)

This week, host Amanda Galbraith speaks with Ukrainian-Canadian Laryssa Waler about the conflict with Russia, and how it’s resonating with the Ukrainian community here in Canada. The two discuss the history of the Russian relationship, and point to specific ways to help support Ukraine during this difficult time.