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Build, Build, Build (w/ Robert Benzie)

This week, host Amanda Galbraith sits down with the Toronto Star’s Queen’s Park Bureau Chief, Robert Benzie, to unpack the 2021 Ontario Fall Economic Statement and what’s going on behind the scenes as Queen’s Park gets back to business in an almost post-COVID world. The pair weigh in on the government’s promise to fix longstanding issues in Ontario’s health and long-term care sectors, a new multi-million-dollar staycation tourism fund, why raise the minimum wage to $15, and much more.

Back to School (w/ Alex Ballingall)

This week, host Amanda Galbraith sits down with Alex Ballingall, a Reporter from the Toronto Star’s Ottawa Bureau, to unpack the momentous week that was in Canadian politics with a significant cabinet reshuffling. With only 8 ministers staying in their portfolios among 38 appointments, it’s time for several ministers to hit the books as school is back in session.

Save the World (w/ Sharan Kaur)

This week, host Amanda Galbraith sits down with Sharan Kaur, the Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Finance Minister Bill Morneau and current Director of Strategic Initiatives and Public Affairs at Clearco. The pair discuss the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) and detail the trials and tribulations behind the scenes in planning one of the world’s biggest conferences.