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Is TikTok’s time up? (w/ Chris Nardi)

Last month, the federal government banned TikTok from being installed on all government-issued devices, citing security concerns related to the app’s ownership by a company with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This week, Adam Owen is joined by Chris Nardi, parliamentary reporter for the National Post, to discuss the government’s decision and its framing within the larger issue of CCP’s interference in Canada’s internal affairs.

Sousa’s Second Act (w/ MP Charles Sousa)

Following more than a decade in some of the highest-ranking positions in the previous Ontario government, Charles Sousa has returned to public service as a Member of Parliament in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. This week, Adam Owen is joined by Charles to explore his decision to come out of political retirement, and the role he sees himself playing at Parliament Hill.

Silly Season (w/ Tasha Kheiriddin and Catherine Moar)

With Chinese weather balloons, an American news anchor threatening war against Canada, and public broadcasters getting political, silly season has officially begun. This week, Adam is joined by Tasha Kheiriddin, a principal in Navigator’s Toronto office, and Catherine Moar, an associate principal in Navigator’s Calgary office, to discuss these recent issues and the impact they’ve had on the current political landscape.

Canada’s Healthcare Crisis (w/ Kevin Smith)

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premiers from across Canada unveiled the federal government’s plan for healthcare funding over the next 10 years. Despite high expectations, some experts consider the plan to have fallen short and believe that much more funding and innovation is needed to repair the strained system. This week, Adam is joined by University Health Network’s President and CEO, Kevin Smith, to discuss the challenges facing the healthcare system and if Ottawa’s offer is sufficient to address its systemic issues.

Like Mike (w/ Kate Graham and Sharan Kaur)

Following two historic electoral losses, the Ontario Liberal Party is facing an existential crisis as it prepares to pick its next leader. Some veteran members and former cabinet ministers made headlines recently by releasing a letter asking Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner to ditch his party and run for OLP leadership. First, Adam is joined by Kate Graham, a former Ontario Liberal leadership candidate and candidate in London North Centre, who signed the letter. Then, he catches up with Sharan Kaur, a Liberal strategist and political analyst who has vocally criticized the campaign, to discuss both sides of the issue, and the future of the party.