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How do you solve a problem like Xi’s China? (w/ Vina Nadjibulla)

Tension between Canada and China is on the rise, with the two countries’ dissension taking centre stage at this year’s recent G20 summit. On this episode of Political Traction, Adam is joined by Vina Nadjibulla, Adjunct Professor at UBC’s School of Public Policy and Global Affairs to contemplate what Canada’s new approach in the Indo-Pacific might look like and what steps should be taken to solve Canada’s Xi problem.

Labour Showdown (w/Vanmala Subramaniam)

Seeking to short circuit negotiations with CUPE, the Ontario Government invoked the notwithstanding clause to declare strike action illegal and impose a new contract, but big labour fought back, and Premier Ford backed down. This week, host Adam Owen speaks with The Globe and Mail’s future of work reporter Vanmala Subramaniam to break down what this means for labour, unions and collective bargaining.


Tackling affordability (w/Brett House and André Turcotte)

From grocery stores to gas stations, prices are up and the cost of living is top of mind for Canadians with the highest inflation in 40 years.  This week, Adam is joined by Brett House, former Deputy Chief Economist at Scotiabank, and André Turcotte, a principal at Discover,  Navigator’s public opinion research firm, to unpack the Fall Economic Statement and discuss how the federal government is addressing affordability.

Understanding the Freeland Doctrine (w/ Heather Scoffield)

In a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland set out her views on “friend-shoring” and how liberal democracies should address the issue of trade in a global economy.

This week, Adam is joined by Heather Scoffield, Ottawa Bureau Chief and Economics Columnist for the Toronto Star to unpack what the Freeland doctrine means for the Liberal Party and all Canadians amidst rising economic and geopolitical uncertainty.

Reporting on the front lines (w/ Adam Zivo)

Reporting on the front lines (w/ Adam Zivo)

This week, Adam is joined by Adam Zivo, a political columnist with The National Post. Joining the episode from Kyiv, Adam provides a firsthand glimpse of current events and political dynamics in Ukraine. The duo discuss what more Canada can be doing to help Ukraine, and how information operations and communications are influencing the war.