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Public affairs campaignsIn politics you aren’t afforded the benefit of next quarter. That’s why campaigns matter.

There is no tougher communications assignment than a campaign. Every contest is high-stakes winner take all requiring speed, agility, accuracy, and discipline. We have won campaigns for Canada’s most successful organizations, political leaders, prominent Canadians, advocacy groups and NGOs.

Public opinion

Nothing happens in a vacuum. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And without public perception on your side, you won’t get very far. Our research-driven understanding of Canadians’ values, attitudes, and opinions helps you grasp how political, social, and economic events will impact your business. After all, public consensus – not the opinion of specialized elites – is the final authority.

Navigator works with clients to develop integrated communication strategies to shape the conversation and move public opinion to your side through campaigns that track shifting opinion, drive engagement, and change behaviour.

Advocacy & social license

We help clients deliver on stakeholders’ expectations through participatory, transparent campaigns that track shifting opinion, drive engagement, and change behaviour. Digital democracy means brands are always at risk of having competitors, opponents, or government rally against them. Whether you’re building a pipeline or a wind energy project, developing natural resources or real estate, fighting for marriage equality, or looking to improve access and choice in healthcare, you need stakeholders’ trust and confidence.

Adapted from our political campaigns and online coalition building, our team works with advocacy groups, first nations, communities, causes, and corporations to expand and shift the public permission space and secure social license.

Labour relations

Labour negotiations are unlike any other. We’ve worked for both management and employees and understand the issues inside and out. From the no board report to the picket line, tentative agreement to ratification and everything in between, our team has provided advice and counsel that leads to successful collective bargaining outcomes.

Litigation & regulatory investigation support

You have advocates in the courtroom, but who will ensure you’re not convicted in the court of public opinion? Legal and regulatory proceedings can pose an existential threat. If you wait for pleadings and discovery before addressing your reputational issues, there may be nothing left to fight over in court. We have supported a wide range of legal and regulatory matters including class actions, criminal complaints, complex litigation, securities and shareholder actions, competition issues, employment disputes, self-regulatory hearings, libel and defamation, and parliamentary committee oversight.

Our team works closely with clients and their legal advisors to address legal and reputational jeopardies contemporaneously, through complementary strategies that support your business goals.