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Internship program

At Navigator, we’re not typical, and neither are you. We understand every client, and every situation is unique. With a deeply ingrained culture of “24/7” client service and constructive challenge, our integrated approach to strategy, communications, research, digital, and creative is rooted in a firm grasp of business, politics, capital markets, as well as stakeholders’ and media expectations. We are looking for exceptional talent to join us.


Navigator’s internship program provides exposure to diverse work on a range of government relations, issues management, public affairs campaigns, and capital markets mandates. We work with companies, non-profits and government organizations. Our work spans nearly every sector in Canada – natural resources, aerospace, education, technology, and consumer brands – just to name a few. We help to shape many of Canada’s front-page stories, while also working behind the scenes to advance our clients’ needs.

There is no typical day at Navigator, but key responsibilities include:

  • Bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives to meetings to enhance our perspectives and help us to serve our clients better;
  • Conducting research to better understand policy, stakeholder landscapes and complex issues environments;
  • Keeping track of government developments (federal and provincial) including monitoring parliamentary debates, committee hearings, budgets, policy changes, funding announcements, legislation and regulatory updates;
  • Monitoring the constantly evolving 24/7 news cycle for relevant coverage of our clients and their priorities;
  • Supporting the drafting of communications, media relations and government relations materials; and
  • Providing ad-hoc support to our consulting and administrative teams.


At Navigator, we aspire to the highest professional standards and have a deep commitment to our community. There is no one background we look for. Navigator emphasizes diversity and inclusion, giving back to our community, and protecting our environment. For our team, these aren’t just buzzwords. We strive to make a meaningful impact every day, both within our workplace and outside of it.

Our team is made up of practitioners with backgrounds in politics, public affairs, market and public opinion research, journalism, marketing, and law. What we share is a commitment to doing things differently and going the extra mile to achieve exceptional results for our clients when you can’t afford to lose.

We are looking for exceptional talent and we aim to build a team with a diversity of skills, knowledge, work and lived experience. Overall, we look for individuals who:

  • At a minimum completed the 3rd or 4th year of their undergraduate program.
  • Bring a unique perspective from school, previous work experience and lived experience to think differently and find creative ways of advancing our clients’ goals;
  • Can consistently deliver high-quality work on-time while managing competing and evolving priorities;
  • Learn on their feet, are able to receive and implement feedback and are committed to becoming better professionals; and
  • Share our commitment to being detail-oriented in everything they do and producing the highest quality of work which our colleagues and clients deserve.

Why Join Us?

  • Explore a career in public affairs at Canada’s leading high-stakes strategic advisory and communications firm
  • Learn from, and network with, practitioners across the country with backgrounds in public affairs, public opinion research, journalism, marketing, law, government relations, and politics;
  • Demonstrate your passion and creativity in an environment that values unique perspectives and novel approaches.

At Navigator, we believe that diversity is not just a point of pride but also our greatest asset – we actively try to promote a workplace where every colleague is respected for who they are, and inclusion is championed.