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ReputationReputations aren’t bought. They’re made.

Reputations aren’t bought. They’re made. In business, as in life, credibility is everything. It’s your audiences’ willingness to give, buy, invest, extend, permit, join, or be persuaded. Without it you won’t get very far. Navigator works with companies, organizations, athletes, artists, and non-profits to elevate public perceptions and communicate with key stakeholders.

Positioning: narrative and messaging

Harness the power of storytelling. Now, more than ever, attention is the most sought after commodity. Cut through the noise. Our team of award-winning former journalists and marketing executives, advisors to CEOs, first ministers and cabinet members, market researchers, and digital strategists can help you tell your story to customers, journalists, investors, analysts, employees, partners, politicians, and regulators.

We specialize in taking complex situations and distilling crisp cogent narratives. And our research-tested messages withstand ferocious scrutiny. We have advised boards and senior management of Canada’s largest and best known companies, nonprofits, public sector organizations, and individuals on how to deliver the right message through the right medium. Our proprietary message and media training modules prepare you to put your best foot forward.

Purpose: environmental, social, and corporate governance

Create value with purpose by aligning purpose with values. The American Business Roundtable has redefined the purpose of a corporation to consider all stakeholders including a commitment to deliver value to customers, invest in employees, deal fairly and ethically with suppliers, support the communities in which they operate, and generate long-term value for shareholders.

A boardroom without purpose is a rudderless ship. In 2020 and beyond, it’s simply table stakes. Navigator works with prominent companies, causes and, nonprofits to implement strategies and corporate governance reforms, measure progress through baseline researching and peer benchmarking, and achieve recognition as leaders in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and effective governance.

Transformation and change

Successful transformation is rooted in foresight and vision communicated clearly and consistently. Responsive organizations evolve and change, but even the most positive transformation can be disruptive to employees and stakeholders if not properly communicated.

Change works best when your audiences understand the underlying purpose. Having supported leadership transitions, pivots, post-merger integration and restructuring, Navigator has deep-seated insights into the factors that drive successful change, the vulnerabilities organizations face, and what’s needed to galvanize support, instil confidence, renew trust, and win over hearts and minds.

CEO Capital

We help leaders – and aspiring leaders – strengthen their personal brand to take their leadership profile to the next level. Navigator’s custom-tailored process, honed with CEOs, first ministers, cabinet members, and elected representatives, provides the frame and external feedback to build self-awareness and build leadership capital.