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Government relationsThere is no substitute for experience.

Navigator offers a full suite of government relations services across Canada to help you build your advocacy strategy. Having served prime ministers, premiers, cabinet ministers, and elected officeholders at every level of government and of all political stripes, we know what it is like to sit across the table from those advocating their position. This first-hand experience provides a unique vantage to better understand what motivates political decision-makers and how to align your issues and advocacy with their agenda.

Insight and analysis

The political landscape is constantly shifting. As policy evolves and positions change, you need the tools to understand your place within it and the foresight to see beyond the horizon. Our government relations professionals have served policymakers, met stakeholders, and put policy into legislation and regulation. Our comprehensive daily legislative monitoring, policy tracking and intelligence gathering, as well as in-depth analysis, translates insight into a strategic advantage.

Policy development

When it comes to drafting effective policy solutions and shepherding them through the legislative process, timing, framing, and delivery often prove as crucial as content and intention. Our unparalleled team has a keen understanding of the levers of power at every level of government and which key players must be engaged at each stage of the process to transform ideas into policy.

Access and advocacy

No matter the strength of your message, there is no substitute for direct advocacy. Navigator’s practitioners of all-partisan affiliation are tuned into all levels of government, across every region of Canada. Our team helps navigate an often-confusing bureaucracy with advice, strategy, and direct advocacy where required.

Coalition Building

Meaningful change is brought about by expertly formed coalitions pursuing a common cause. Our integrated, in-house approach takes proven campaign tactics combining resonant messaging, paid and earned media, custom websites and activist portals, social media, audience segmentation and micro-targeting, sophisticated measurement and tracking, and constant optimization to mobilize coalitions with critical mass.