DiscoverLeave gut-thinking at the door and drive to the heart of your issue through customized research.

Research is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you need to understand consumer attitudes and preferences or grasp nationwide opinion on issues and policy, Navigator has a highly skilled team of research experts who will design and execute innovative research programmes tailored to your unique needs.

Navigator’s full-service, in-house research delivers clear, meaningful, and useful insights to position your communications and guide public affairs strategies. Our proprietary research methodologies ask the most relevant and meaningful questions, to uncover the most valuable answers. We help ensure you fully understand the needs, expectations and sensitivities of your stakeholders to identify the greatest strategic opportunities.

Exploratory research: focus groups and other facilitated sessions

Understanding the underlying emotions and factors driving stakeholder opinion is the first step toward shaping opinion. Navigator has substantial experience designing and facilitating focus groups and innovation sessions across a broad range of issues and with a wide variety of participants.

Our research team effectively combines established techniques and creative and proprietary approaches to uncover the insights that help you develop compelling stories and strategies that resonate with your stakeholders, whether it be customers, investors, employees, members, government, or non-governmental organizations.

Public opinion polling

In business, as in politics, data drives effective decision-making. Without it, you are operating in the dark. Take stock of your reputation and understand public awareness and sentiment toward any range of issues with public opinion polling tailormade to address your decision points.

We embrace the fact that each polling mandate must be sensitive to the target audience and the type of data to be gathered. Our research team engages a range of mediums, beyond traditional online polling, to gather data – whether it be AI-based tracking of consumer traffic online, permission-based tagging of consumers to capture their online responses to advertising, or online usage diaries – and to make sure we have the optimal approach for each target group.

In-depth influencer interviews

Elevate your strategy with perspectives from leading voices. Navigator’s custom in-depth interview programmes gather findings from open, confidential interviews with individuals who may have significant influence on a group’s position or stance. Our team can then leverage these findings to help inform your strategies for engaging and persuading your most important audiences.

Literature audit and review

See beyond the headline with comprehensive audit and review of key literature. Our team has experience assembling, analysing, and summarizing relevant work to inform your strategy and reinforce your practices with expert opinion.


There is no issue too big or consideration too small. Regardless of your sector, location, or size, our team across Canada is equipped with the tools and experience to help you succeed. Reach out to connect with us and learn more.

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