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Discover by Navigator is a full-service, in-house research offering led by a group of highly-skilled research experts who provide leading edge research solutions tailored to your unique needs. Discover’s role is uncovering what your stakeholders want, expect and need in order to inform decisions about your brand, project, policy or leader.

We work alongside Canada’s leading public affairs experts on mandates that provide us with a deep understanding of the environment in which our clients operate. We consider ourselves consultants first and craft customized research solutions to best engage our clients’ audience, whether they be customers, investors, the general public, employees, members, government or non-governmental organizations.

Exploratory research

Understanding the underlying emotions and factors driving stakeholder sentiment is the first step toward shaping opinion. 

Discover Principals are all experienced facilitators and moderators with deep expertise in leading exploratory research including focus groupsin-depth influencer interviews and environmental reviews as well as innovation sessions and large group facilitated sessions. 

These methods help uncover the hidden motivators and deeper insights needed to develop compelling strategies that resonate with your stakeholders. We employ exploratory methods and projective techniques — including mood boardsbrand imagery associations and birth and death notice exercises — in virtual and in-person environments to build a comprehensive understanding of the issues at play. 

Elevate your strategy with perspectives from leading voices. Our influencer interviews provide insights from confidential in-depth interviews with individuals who may have significant influence on a group’s position or stance. Discover will leverage these findings to help inform your strategies for engagement and persuasion. 

See beyond the headline with a comprehensive audit and review of key sources in social and traditional media, public policy forums and academia. Our team has a depth of experience assembling, analysing, and summarizing relevant resources to inform your strategy and reinforce your practices with expert opinion. 

Quantitative research

In business, as in politics, data drives effective decision-making. Without it, you are operating in the dark. It can be used to take stock of your reputation, understand public awareness of an issue, examine attitudes and behaviours of a specific target group, and measure sentiment of stakeholder groups toward any range of topics.

The type of quantitative research employed depends on the target audience and mandate. Our research team crafts the optimal approach from a range of instruments, beyond traditional online polling – whether it be tracking consumer online traffic, permission-based tagging of consumers to capture their online responses to advertising, or online usage and activity diaries.

To gain meaningful insights and better understand the “why” behind survey responses, Discover often incorporates AI-driven qualitative tools into conventional quantitative research instruments.

When there is a need to dig deeper into the numbers, Discover will employ advanced statistical analysis techniques such as factor analysis, cluster analysis and multiple regression.

CRIC accredited

Discover is an accredited member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), an advocacy organization that represents the research profession in Canada. CRIC members are held to the highest world-class standards, ethics and best practices in research, analytics, and insights.

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Impactful strategies are informed by focused research. Our customized services provide clients with the best way forward.

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