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The Centre's Service Offering

The Centre delivers its high-quality products and services to organizations of all sizes in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors by leveraging the following assets:

The Centre’s Expert Panel is a group of impressive experts in policy, governance, business, law, communications, equity and diversity, sustainability and social responsibility that can help an organization navigate these challenging waters.

Experience and expertise of Navigator’s skillset in crisis communications, reputation management, government relations; public affairs campaigns, and capital markets.

Research and thought leadership regarding corporate social responsibility, stakeholder capitalism, ESG, and purpose-driven organizations.

Unparalleled, in-depth knowledge of strategic business decisions and capital markets; support around equity, diversity and inclusion; environmental and sustainability practices; crisis management; government relations; stakeholder engagement; Indigenous consultations and dialogue; the media landscape; and social media strategies.

Data-driven advice with regard to new challenges facing organizations, including unprecedented pressure from social movements.

Customized Tools to Equip You For the New Normal

The Centre works hand-in-glove with organizations’ leadership, advisers and employees to design and implement solutions on a timeline and in a format that meets their needs.

  • Organizational assessment of purpose and stakeholder capitalism metrics
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion training, support and recommendations
  • Implementation of strategic approach to purpose and stakeholder engagement
  • Advisory services on managing risks and trends