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You can’t control the media. You can control your message.

With over 20 years of experience, Navigator has been on the front lines preparing Canada’s executives, first ministers and public figures for media conferences, scrums, sit-down interviews and all manner of media interactions. 

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Customized media training for you and your team

Our team of award-winning former journalists and strategic communications practitioners have advised boards, CEOs, first ministers and cabinet members with proven strategies to cut through the noise and help them effectively deliver the right message to the right audience.  

Navigator’s customized approach to media training offers the insights to help you effectively communicate your message when you can’t afford to lose.

How we can help

From understanding the modern media to practicing message delivery, we provide in-depth training, informed by experience. Our proprietary media training program brings together media theory, preparation, and message delivery into sessions tailored to your team.  

Understand the Media

The media landscape has changed. Our media training sessions help you understand the monumental shift facing modern newsrooms and journalists, and how to turn that shift into your advantage.

Crisp Key Messages

We specialize in taking complex situations and distilling your key points into crisp cogent messaging. We work with your organization to find the most persuasive language and teach you how to effectively deliver it to the media.

Scenario Training

We firmly believe good communicators aren’t just born, they practice and prepare. 

The bulk of our media training sessions consist of simulated print, radio and television interviews where Navigator plays the part of the journalist. After each simulated interview, we analyze your responses and provide expert recommendations so that you’re prepared for the real thing.  


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