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Back in Session (w/ Jason Schilling)

In the first episode of season 3, host Jason Hatcher is joined by Jason Schilling, President of the Alberta Teachers’ Association to chat all things back to school. The duo discuss what this school year will bring, the latest on Alberta’s curriculum rollout, and the impacts of politics in the classroom.

Now What? (W/ Jeff Costen and Kim Wright)

This week, host Amanda Galbraith speaks with Navigator Associate Principal and Liberal strategist Jeff Costen and NDP strategist Kim Wright on what’s next for the Ontario Liberal and NDP parties after a disappointing performance in the Provincial Election. With both of their leaders resigned, and in the case of the Liberals, official party status still out of reach, how will the parties rebuild?

The Battle For Second Place (w/Mike Van Soelen, Colin MacDonald & André Turcotte)

On June 3, Ontarians will cast their vote in the provincial election. While all polls point to another four years of Doug Ford, the real debate taking place is about who will take second. This week, host Amanda Galbraith is joined by colleagues Mike Van Soelen, Colin MacDonald and André Turcotte to unpack the race so far, and share their predictions for the final outcome.

In Our Backyard (w/ Shae Bird)

In this episode, host Jason Hatcher sits down with Shae Bird, CEO of Indigenous Tourism Alberta, to discuss the Indigenous tourism sector in Alberta. The duo discuss what the sector means for the Indigenous entrepreneurs and peoples engaged, how it provides a unique path to further reconciliation in our country and region, and the opportunity to engage with the culture, perspectives, and experiences of Indigenous people in Alberta. 

To learn about Indigenous tourism opportunities in Alberta, check out, or nationally at 

Refugee Roadblocks (w/Senator Ratna Omidva)

This week, host Amanda Galbraith speaks with Canadian Senator and member of the World Refugee and Migration Council Ratna Omidva on the growing refugee crisis facing Afghanistan and Ukraine. The two unpack the current debate around resettlement, and share important ways we can help support those in need. If you like this episode, check out Moving the Needle on Wicked Problems: