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Capital marketsCreate value with purpose.

Navigator provides strategic counsel, as well as stakeholder and investor relations support on all sides of M&A transactions, activism challenges, and investment theses that intersect with political and regulatory risk to companies, investors, funds, and regulatory bodies worldwide.


If it creates value we’ll help you position it to be approved. Buy-side, sell-side, friendly, hostile, public, private, state-owned: we’ve seen it all before. Navigator has worked on some of the country’s most significant mergers and acquisitions, ensuring the deals are positioned favourably to shareholders, customers, employees, and government officials.

Where the investment is subject to Investment Canada or Competition Act review, we work seamlessly with your transaction team to deliver on your corporate objectives.

Shareholder activism and defence

It’s not a trend. Double-digit growth in year-over-year public proxy fights continues unabated. That’s because Canadian securities laws are incredibly activist-friendly. With investors able to build meaningful positions, absent disclosure, boards need to proactively prepare with shareholder engagement plans and assess areas of risk and vulnerability by learning to think like an activist.

Our team is well versed in the trends and issues shaping corporate governance: ESG, board composition, say on pay, vote no, and contested deals. Whether the disagreement is public or private, we have worked with boards and investors to successfully wage and defend challenges.

Political and regulatory risk counsel

When your investment thesis intersects with political or regulatory risk our experience and insight can help you maximize returns. We help investors of all sizes – from institutional to boutique private equity – to better understand the complex political variables affecting their positions.

Investor Relations

Markets are either ripe for disruption or its incumbents in need of defence. Either way, companies can better define and articulate their value proposition and investment case by strengthening their business’ narrative. Studies have shown that companies with robust IR programmes trade at a valuation premium of between eight and twelve per cent. Navigator works with boards, executives, and IROs to develop and strengthen offensive and defensive investor relations strategies.

Capital raising requires engagement and communication. We provide counsel and support in respect of operational and government issues, guidance, quarterly announcements, investor presentations, and roadshows.