The Big Blue Wave

This week on “The Big Blue Wave” edition of Political Traction, Amanda sits down with Jason Hatcher, Managing Principal in Navigator’s Calgary office, to debrief on one of the most divisive provincial election’s in recent memory, which resulted in the United Conservative Party winning a resounding majority, unseating Rachel Notley’s New Democratic government after only one mandate. Then, the two will unpack Premier-elect Jason Kenney’s commitment on the campaign trail to enact  “turn off the taps” legislation at his first Cabinet meeting, and discuss Navigator’s post-election field research in Alberta and what these results mean for the province in the months and years ahead.

The Goldilocks Approach

This week on “The Goldilocks Approach” edition of Political Traction,  Amanda sits down political journalist Cynthia Mulligan from CityNews to discuss their day at the Budget lockup and share their insights on what Budget 2019 signals for Ontarians. Then, we will hear Cynthia’s take on the politics surrounding the provincial carbon tax, and talk about the PC’s decision to scrap the City of Toronto’s gas tax revenue hike.