Welcome to Legalized, our new podcast!

Welcome to Legalized, our new podcast!

You might listen to our first podcast, Political Traction — where we cover the top issues in Canadian politics every week — but there’s one issue that we decided can’t be contained by the parameters of a weekly discussion.

Recreational cannabis use is about to be legalized in Canada. At the end of 2016, the Marijuana Task Force gave recommendations for regulation and the Liberal government has promised to table legislation this spring.

Beyond whether you’ll be able to walk to your local LCBO to freely and legally buy weed, legalization will impact Canadians across industries. It means big business, and not just for growers and cultivators: it means big business for consultants, advertisers, banks, insurance companies; down the line, it could mean big business as a Canadian export.

Canada’s poised to be a global expert in this area. So — how did we get here? What does the current space look like? And where is it headed?

We’re talking about all of this on our new 12-episode show. You’ll hear from the people who have been there since the beginning — pushing boundaries to change policy, become licensed professionals, and prepare for a huge market shift.

Welcome to Legalized. Season starts January 31st.

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