Trump and Trudeau

Trudeau is doing his own balancing act and he’s walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon.”

– Travis Kann

The House has returned and so have we!

We’re returning to our weekly schedule, but with a slightly different format. From the survey we had on our site over the break, we learned two things from you: you would like some more of our team’s perspectives and that you like our special episodes.

So, to the first point — we’re going to bring you a more focused, shorter, weekly show. For the first three weeks of the month, we’ll have one person from the firm’s take on the top issue of the week. For the last week of the month, we’ll bring these people back for our panel discussion and talk about what had traction over the course of the month. This allows us to not only track which issues really resonated, but also hold ourselves accountable to what we said would happen.

This week, we’re talking about, what else, Trump and his Executive Order banning travelers from Muslim-majority countries. Travis Kann speaks to Trudeau’s reaction and what we should look for in the coming weeks.