The Politics of Cannabis

Welcome to the season finale of Legalized. Season 3 followed the early days of cannabis legalization as this historic promise became a reality. After spending the season exploring market trends, media developments and industry players, we took this episode to look back at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to legalize recreational cannabis and the political repercussions of legalization at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government.

Navigator Executive Chairman Jaime Watt and Principal Amanda Galbraith, two seasoned political veterans, join host Danielle Parr to discuss the role cannabis played in the 2015 election, and how politicians at all three levels of government will aim to frame legalization going forward. We look at the pressure points, political reverberations and questions as the federal election approaches and as provinces and municipalities continue scrambling to get their houses in order. You won’t want to miss the insights, analysis and predictions.

This is Legalized, The Politics of Cannabis.