The End… (of Season 1)

The whole Mulcair thing went out with a whimper. Even just the fact that he remained as interim leader…it was such an odd climax to their post-election angst.

– Colin MacDonald

We have come to the end! This episode marks the end of our first official season. The House have risen, and after this week, so shall we – or, at least, so shall our regular format.

For our season finale, Allie, David and Colin go over the top issues since March and weigh in on whether they were (in our opinion) undervalued, accurately valued, or overvalued in terms of their traction numbers with Ottawa and the Canadian public. We talk about the Conservative convention, the NDP convention and Leap Manifesto, Orlando, and the national deficit. And even though they didn’t make our top five, we also go over democratic reform, the First Nation’s suicide crisis, and doctor-assisted dying legislation.

So please join us in our (short-term) nostalgia for the issues from way back in long-forgotten March and our expert opinions on why we think some things were worth more attention than others.

And also, we would like to say a big thank you for staying with us this season! We won’t be gone for the summer, but we won’t be doing our weekly format. We will be producing special episodes until the House returns in the Fall, so stay tuned for updates on scheduling. In the meantime, check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and this week’s Huffington Post blogpsot…and enjoy our special end of season discussion.