The Cannabis Bubble

Driven by a media frenzy of promise and potential, the Canadian cannabis industry was a market favourite as Canada moved towards legalization. But tides have turned.

On this week’s episode of Legalized, we are joined by Globe and Mail business journalists, Mark Rendell and Tim Kiladze whose recent article “All dried up: How Bay Street cashed in on the cannabis frenzy before the carnage” takes an in-depth look at the industry’s current state of play. Listen in to learn all about we got here in relation to the promise that surrounded the industry a year ago and what the industry can do to reclaim its position of strength.

This is Legalized, The Cannabis Bubble.

**Legalized is a cannabis-specific podcast recorded and produced by Navigator Limited, Canada’s leading high-stakes communications and public strategy firm. Season 4 of Legalized, Canada Versus Everybody, explores how Canada marks up in a globally competitive cannabis industry and how businesses can prepare for potential vulnerabilities along the way to take advantage of Canada’s first mover advantage.