Navireads is a roundup of the most important, exciting and downright interesting stories, read and recommended each month by our Navigator colleagues.

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    Latest Issues

    Rudy Giuliani, the Suez Canal and feeling ‘blah’ – all this and more in Navireads | April 2021

    Navigator’s picks for April 2021 from James Sanders, Patrick Doyon, Rachel Wenger, Andrea Ernesaks, Sabeen Thaver and Thomas Ashcroft

    Bitcoin, pipelines and Ryan Reynolds – here’s what you should be reading this month | March 2021

    Navigator’s picks for March 2021 from Jason Hatcher, Andre Pratt, Evelina Lou, Jenessa Crognali, Hunter Knifton and Jenna Dotzert

    Our favourite reads on diversity and inclusion during Black History Month | February 2021

    Navigator’s picks for February 2021 from Amanda Galbraith, David Millian, Andrea Ernesaks and Harley Burland