Sleeping with an Elephant

The legalization of cannabis gave Canadian Licensed Producers a leg up on their counterparts in the U.S. and globally. But as the industry grows south of the border, is Canada’s first-mover advantage at risk?

On this week’s episode of Legalized, we are joined by Elisa Kearney, a partner at Davies Ward & Vineberg LLP and member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s National Cannabis Working Group; as well as Michell Osak, a partner at MNP LLP and a leader of MNP’s cannabis consulting practice. Our panelists, who have advised businesses on both sides of the border, provide industry-leading insights into cannabis in the United States, and reverberations in Canada.

This is Legalized, Sleeping with an Elephant.

**Legalized is a cannabis-specific podcast recorded and produced by Navigator Limited, Canada’s leading high-stakes communications and public strategy firm. Season 4 of Legalized, Canada Versus Everybody, explores how Canada marks up in a globally competitive cannabis industry and how businesses can prepare for potential vulnerabilities along the way to take advantage of Canada’s first mover advantage.