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Insights 2020

May 1, 2020

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Jaime Watt Navigator Ltd.
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Chairman’s message

In this edition of Perspectives, the Navigator team sheds some light on our new reality and what COVID-19 means for the future of business, issue management and public affairs. We also look at some of the most important trends in these fields and how they are evolving. In the coming weeks, we will release new Perspectives pieces digitally, beginning with a very exciting contribution by Navigator Senior Advisor and former Premier of New Brunswick, Brian Gallant. While the format has evolved to adapt to these times, this edition of Perspectives contains the same level of insight and deep analysis as always, albeit with a new focus. Our hope is as much to arouse new questions as provide answers, and in doing so reveal the opportunities which exist alongside the challenges ahead.


Caroline Harvey

Contributing Editors

Jeff Costen

Managing Editor

Michael Stock

Design Lead

Alvin Wong

Graphic Design

Vahagn Stepanian


Shannon Wang


Navigator’s folio of ideas, insights and new ways of thinking.

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