Navigator partners with The51, a Financial Feminist™ platform

Navigator is pleased to partner with The51, a Financial Feminist™ platform that brings together investors, aspiring investors, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and supporters of financial feminism. The51 seeks to use its platform to build mutual wealth and social/environmental impact, share knowledge and experiences, create influential investors, innovators and consumers, and build the Financial Feminist economy.

Navigator will be The51’s exclusive public affairs partner and will support The51 on a pro-bono basis. The partnership is driven by a shared commitment to ensuring that women, who make up 51 per cent of the population, fully participate in the Canadian economy.

Navigator will share its knowledge and expertise to support The51 in expanding its presence across Canada to increase women’s participation in financial markets, as venture capitalists, as entrepreneurs, as business leaders, and as meaningful participants at all levels of economic decision making.

Even though women make up 51 per cent of the population, they receive only 2.3 per cent of all venture capital, hold less than 25 per cent of director seats on Canadian boards, and comprise only 15.2 per cent of partners at Canadian venture capital firms.

The51 is working to change this by connecting women-led capital and businesses to power future-fit, women-led innovative companies. To date, The51 and its community has activated more than $15 million into women founders in Canada and around the world who are building new, innovative women-focused business models. With a community of more than 10,000 people, 90 per cent of The51’s investors are women.

The partnership builds on two decades of diversity, equity and inclusion work Navigator has been proud to lead, including most recently the launch of Empower by Navigator and the Black Youth Public Affairs Fellowship—an experiential learning program that provides students with an opportunity to explore a career in public affairs. Also launched by Navigator in the past year, the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation helps equip Canadian businesses and organizations with insights, tools, and support as they work to redefine and strengthen both the scope of their purpose and the contributions they make more broadly to society.