Introducing Political Traction (Redux)

After weeks of planning, recording and testing, we’re proud to launch Navigator’s first podcast, Political Traction. We created Political Traction to assess how much traction political leaders, pundits, and media get with the people they’re trying to reach: people like you. Every week, we look at the top political issues being discussed in Ottawa and assess how much they resonated with Canadians across the country. Our first three episodes are now live on our new website,, on Soundcloud, or on iTunes.

If the name ‘Political Traction’ sounds familiar to you, well, that’s because it’s not entirely new. Fans of CBC’s Power and Politics may remember a segment that Navigator’s Jaime Watt used to host every week from 2011-2014. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Political Traction ran for four seasons, and now, we’re expanding on this original concept by taking our first foray into podcasting. With podcasting, we saw an opportunity to take the original made-for-TV concept and dive deeper. Every week, our own Allie McHugh and David Woolley run through the top three issues making news in Ottawa and on Parliament Hill. We analyze how much traction Ottawa got with the Canadian public. Then, to tell us what this all means, and analyze how in (or out) of sync Ottawa is with Canadians, Allie speaks with one of our public affairs experts.

In our inaugural episode, Allie explains how the podcast got started and talks with Jaime about the original idea for Political Traction and why it matters.

To conduct this weekly analysis, we refined our methodology, which is explained in great detail in our second episode, complete with tables and charts for the data head in all of us.

And finally, to round out the package, we have our first weekly episode available for download. This week, Allie and David breakdown the top issues in Ottawa: the national deficit, Canada’s mission to fight ISIS, and the perception of the Liberal party’s strategy. After discussing whether these issues got any traction, Allie interviews Will Stewart, Managing Principal at Navigator and founding Principal of Ensight, to explain why or why not these issues are resonating with Canadians across the country.

We’re excited to share this project with you. You can look forward to a new episode in your podcast player of choice, every Monday. Every now and then we’ll mix it up with special episodes and documentaries. Don’t miss out! Subscribe today on iTunes, or at