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Getting the Gear

November 24, 2015
Time After Time

The Apple Watch is Apple’s entry into the wearable technology market and is its first new product ‘category’ since the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. The Apple Watch is advertised as a device that improves fitness routines and makes connecting to work and social networks easy and efficient.

Pros: Users say they love the sleek and sporty design, the easy-to-use operating system and interface.
Cons: A steep price tag of from $449 to $1,459; complaints about short battery life; limited apps (so far); the dreaded Dork Factor.

Stream, You Stream, We All Stream… for TV

Online video streaming services such as Netflix, CraveTV and Shomi have revolutionized the way people are watching television. These streaming services, which all offer different content, make it possible to watch anything, from live news and sports to TV reruns, at your convenience, and on any device.

Pros: Canadians now have unlimited access to a catalogue of movies and TV shows for a fixed monthly price.
Cons: Compulsive binge watching. Yes, it’s a thing.

On the Right Track(er)

Assuming you actually want to know your heart rate, the number of steps you’ve walked and your body mass index at various points in the day, the Fitbit wraps around your wrist and pairs with a smartphone to provide that information—and much more.

Pros: Easy to use; several different models and price points.
Cons: Some users question the product’s accuracy in collecting data; everyone can tell you’re a step counter.

A Core Business for Apple

The success of Apple Pay in the U.S. market has generated enthusiasm about plans to launch the mobile payment service in Canada this fall. Apple Pay allows iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad users to make credit or debit card purchases in stores by waving their device over a wireless reader.

Pros: Ease; convenience; cool.
Cons: Do you really need spending money to be more painless?

Self-balancing Scooter

It may or may not help with your daily commute to the office, but for around $600, you can get yourself one of a growing number of personal transportation devices that has wheels. Essentially an electric skateboard. So, unlike a Segway, it may actually boost your cool factor with teenagers. Well, until the Hendo Hoverboard is widely available.

Pros: Rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested for failing to disembark from his hoverboard at border security.
Cons: It’s heavy and the battery runs down quickly.

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