Ethereum: Canada’s Unicorn

Could virtual cats break the Internet? In this episode of Banking on Blockchain, we explore the world of Ethereum, a blockchain-based platform developed by two Canadians, Anthony Diiorio and Vitalik Buterin. You’ll learn about how Canadian innovators are leading the charge in developing smart contracts and digital collectibles that will change financial markets, government records, and mobile gaming. We talk with our guests about the challenges that face Ethereum with respect to governance and scalability, while hearing how our country can best cultivate more unicorns in this space.

Our guests for this episode:

  • Moe Adham, Co-Founder, Bitaccess
  • Bryce Bladon, Director of Communications, Axiom Zen; Co-Founder, CryptoKitties
  • Benjamin Roberts, Co-Founder and CEO, Citizen Hex

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