Celebrity JT

I don’t know that we can go backwards anymore, for any politician in any country. This is the world now. It is social media. Even Hillary Clinton is trying.

He’s just not ready. He’s got great hair. He’s the Internet’s boyfriend. This week we have a very special episode. We’re talking about the celebrity status of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with some very special guests.
To get some perspective on the intersection of celebrity and political culture, Allie talks with CTV’s THE SOCIAL Co-host and ETALK Senior Correspondent Lainey Lui, and Ryerson University’s Greg Elmer. Greg is a professor of Communications and Culture and Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson, and during the 2008 Canadian federal election he worked with CBC News to cover online campaigning. His research focuses on media and the role of new media in politics.
Image credited to Renegade98