Building a Cannabis Empire

Happy New Year, and welcome to the first episode of Legalized in 2019.

On this episode we explore how Canadian companies are poised to grow and establish their presence in international markets.  While our focus has often been on the ability of Licensed Producers to service recreational Canadian consumers, their priorities are often much more extensive. They’re supplying medical patients. They’re entering international markets. They’re exploring retail options and, in some cases, cultivating and processing for edible products. They’re building and constantly fine-tuning brands. To put it succinctly, there are many competing priorities for cannabis companies on the path to building an empire.

How do executives set priorities? What drives their decisions? What pressure points are most important? How do they envision the industry evolving?  Danielle sits down with Alison Gordon,  CEO of 48North and Darren Karasiuk, Executive Vice President Adult Use, Global at Aurora Cannabis, two Licensed Producers with very different approaches to the cannabis industry, to discuss these questions and so much more.