BC Bud

On this episode of Legalized, we zone in on British Columbia (BC), which has held the title of Canada’s cannabis capital for decades prior to legalization. We look at the different ways that provincial politics, local history and culture have shaped BC’s legal cannabis market. This billion-dollar industry of small growers and grey market dispensaries has in many ways faced growing pains adapting to legalization and finding a road to legitimacy in the new cannabis market.

To unpack it all, we take a trip to our Vancouver office, where Navigator Senior Consultant Alex Shiff spoke with Jamie Shaw, a long-time cannabis activist and industry insider, about BC’s unique environment for cannabis production and retail. Then, host Danielle Parr interviews Darren Henderson, partner at PwC Canada, to talk about the cannabis regulatory framework in BC.

BC’s cannabis future remains an open question, but through our guests’ insights, analysis and commentary, this episode provides an important and timely look at how we got here and the driving factors that will shape the industry’s success or failure. Listen now.