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Jodi Butts

Jodi Butts

Expert Panelist

121 King Street West

Suite 1810

Toronto, ON

M5H 3T9

T (416) 642-6440 LinkedIn

Jodi Butts is a member of the expert panel of the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation (CCPC). Jodi is a seasoned executive with a strong track record in driving positive change and growth within leading organizations.  Jodi’s experience and her ability to create positive change through leading organizations  while considering the broader societal implications of decisions  will drive the work that she does with CCPC.  

Currently, Jodi serves as an independent member of the Board of Directors of Canada Goose Inc.;  an independent member of the Board of Directors of  Aphria  Inc.; Chair of  The Walrus Foundation Board of Directors; and as  a  member of the Board of Governors and Audit Committee of the University of Windsor. She also holds several Board Advisory roles including with Bayshore Home Healthcare.  Previously, Jodi Butts served as Chief Executive Officer of Rise Asset Development and Senior VicePresident of Operations and Redevelopment at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Jodi received a  Master’s  degree in Canadian History from  the  University of Toronto, is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, and was called to the Bar in 2000.