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Paula Arab

Paula Arab

Associate Principal

Vancouver, BC

Paula Arab is Associate Principal in Navigator’s Vancouver office. A distinguished media strategist, she is renowned for her expertise in shaping public narratives and driving effective communication campaigns. With a career spanning over three decades, Paula has made significant contributions to the fields of journalism, public relations, and strategic communication.

Prior to starting her own communications consultancy, Paula was best known as a staff opinion columnist and member of the Calgary Herald editorial board. Transitioning into media strategy, she leveraged her journalistic acumen to advise corporations, non-profits, and government entities on media relations, crisis management, and strategic messaging. Her ability to anticipate media trends and craft resonant messages has helped numerous organizations navigate complex communication challenges and enhance their public image.

Paula's approach to media strategy is characterized by a deep understanding of audience engagement and a commitment to authenticity. She believes in the power of storytelling to connect with diverse audiences and drive meaningful change.

Throughout her career, Paula has been a passionate advocate for media literacy and ethical journalism. Her thought leadership is widely recognized. She has conducted workshops and training sessions for aspiring journalists and communication professionals, sharing her knowledge and inspiring the next- generation of media leaders.

In addition to her professional achievements, Paula is an active volunteer and member of several industry associations. She recently completed her Masters of Fine Arts (Creative Non-Fiction) and is working on her first book.