Claire Launay

Claire Launay

Associate Consultant

1010 Sherbrooke Street West

Bureau 2320

Montréal, QC

H3A 2R7

T (514) 905-7869 M 438-825-2210 LinkedIn

Based in Montreal, Claire has worked in a variety of settings. These experiences have made her a very resourceful person, with a fast quill and an eye for detail.

Claire has honed her communication skills in both French and English as a journalist and as a teacher on international assignments in remote places such as Mongolia and the South Pacific. Since coming back to Canada in 2018, Claire has brought to Navigator her excellent writing skills as well as strategic insights that have supported efficient campaigns and public affairs strategies.

On top of her education certificates, Claire has received an undergraduate degree in Political Science and East Asian Studies from McGill University as well as a master’s degree in Public Affairs from the University of Montreal. Claire is currently involved in immigration advocacy in Quebec, as one of the organizers of the Le Québec, c’est nous aussi movement.