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Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly


121 King Street West

Suite 1810

Toronto, ON

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Chris Kelly has more than thirty years of experience as a professional researcher, starting in 1987 as a Vice-President with Decima Research. After six years with Decima, Chris, together with three partners launched The Strategic Counsel, a national public opinion and market research firm, where he served as President for a period of almost twenty years.

In 2014, Chris moved to Navigator, where he expanded the firm’s market research capability and built its quantitative research offering. After pursuing academic opportunities, Chris has rejoined Navigator working with the research team.

Chris has worked with clients in a wide variety of sectors including public policy research and research studies in the financial services, telecommunications and broadcasting fields. His specialty is in the design and analysis of quantitative research, especially research that is intended to elicit an in-depth understanding of consumer and public assessments, motivations and choices of products, services and programming options. Chris is also an experienced and frequent moderator of qualitative research programs, including focus group research, large-group studies, dyads, triads and one-on-one interviews.