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Assure by Navigator 

AssureWe care deeply about the wellbeing of our colleagues, clients and partners.

Assure by Navigator represents our commitment to doing everything we can to keep our clients, colleagues and partners safe.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us to rethink how we work and how we interact with each other.  As the leading public affairs and crisis management firm in Canada, not only must we continue to support our clients during this unprecedented time, it is also critical that we lead by example in assuring our colleagues and our clients of the safest possible working environment while we do it.

Each of our actions are informed by the latest public health advice in the jurisdictions in which we operate, and we will continue to adjust and adapt as the situation across the country changes.  We are all in this together, and Navigator is committed to doing whatever we can to keep the epidemiological curve as flat as possible.

Following expert advice

As experts in our field, in a crisis we fundamentally understand how important it is to follow the advice of the people who have rigorously studied the situation and carefully considered the available options.  That is why we will base all of our decisions on when and how to reopen our offices, and what safety measures to take, on the expert advice of public health professionals.

Our offices have been officially closed since March 13th, and all work travel suspended, with our colleagues across the country working remotely from Vancouver, BC to Shediac Bridge, NB.  Now that jurisdictions across Canada are firmly ensconced in stage 3, we are carefully and prudently reopening our work spaces on a limited and controlled basis, with extensive hygiene and social distance measures in place, modified operational procedures and additional cleaning and sanitization.  However, should the advice change as the situation evolves, we will not hesitate to respond accordingly.

Extensive hygiene measures

To ensure the safety of our colleagues and clients, Navigator offices require that face masks be worn in all common areas including hallways, copy rooms and kitchens.  There are hand sanitizing stations when entering the office, and dispersed throughout our board rooms and common spaces.  We have installed anti-microbial film on high-touch surfaces and enacted strict hand washing protocols.  All food and snacks in the office will be individually packaged, and colleagues are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to minimize contact.

Social distancing protocols

We have enacted a maximum 50% capacity limit in our Toronto office and 25% in Montreal, in keeping with local guidelines.  In all Navigator offices we are ensuring ample space between workstations for colleagues who choose to be in the office, and have added plexiglass barriers where needed.  Our all staff meetings will continue to be conducted on Zoom and all meetings must provide a call in or video conferencing option.  We also require that staff and visitors to our offices self-screen prior to entering the office, as well as register their contact information for contact tracing purposes.

Modified common spaces and capacity limits

All our meeting rooms have strict capacity limits to ensure that all participants are seated more than 2 metres apart.  We have modified entrances and exits to control the flow of traffic and limit personal interactions, and have installed extensive signage throughout our offices with reminders about our health and safety protocols.

Thorough additional cleaning and sanitizing

Working with our building management, cleaning staff and client concierge, all Navigator offices will undergo frequent cleaning and sanitizing of high touch surfaces and common spaces.  We have enacted a clean desk policy so that desks may be easily and frequently sanitized, and we ask colleagues who use common equipment such as printers or coffee makers to disinfect them after each use.  We are also allowing for adequate spacing between meetings to ensure that our board rooms and meeting spaces can be appropriately cleaned each and every time.