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Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation Announces Members of Expert Panel

Toronto, August 27, 2020

The Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation (“CCPC”) is pleased to announce the members of its expert panel which will help Canadian businesses and organizations redefine and strengthen both the scope of their purpose and the contributions they make more broadly to society.

“I am thrilled with the incredible team we have been able to recruit to deliver on the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation’s mandate to conduct analysis and provide guidance to businesses and organizations interested in becoming more purpose-driven,” said CCPC Founder, Jaime Watt. “The diversity of thought, experience, and professional backgrounds in this team will ensure that the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation has the range of perspectives needed to meaningfully equip and advise Canadian businesses and organizations.”

The CCPC leverages Navigator’s expertise and skill set to help businesses and organizations who are interested in becoming more purpose-driven and better at contributing to the well-being of society as a whole. Moreover, it provides thought leadership in order to help advance the public dialogue on this important topic.

“Expectations for all organizations – including businesses – are evolving and increasing. A business must now look beyond profits and shareholder value and seek to contribute positively to all stakeholders,” noted CEO Brian Gallant. “Similarly, organizations of all types are increasingly expected to provide value and have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate, the environment, and society as a whole. This expectation includes speaking out and taking concrete action to advance important societal issues,” added Gallant.

Alongside Brian Gallant, a lawyer who served as Premier of New Brunswick from 2014 to 2018, the CCPC is made up of the following business, public sector, and thought leaders from across Canada.

Vice President & Director of Research André Pratte is a former independent Senator for Quebec and former Chief Editorial Writer for La Presse.

Vice President Tasha Kheiriddin is a lecturer at the Max Bell School of Public Policy, opinion writer, former broadcaster and vice president of the Montreal Economic Institute.

Catherine Bell is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and founder of the Awakened Company.

Roxanna Benoit is a lawyer and former VP of Public Affairs and Communications and Sustainability at Enbridge and previously served as Deputy Minister with the Government of Alberta.

Jodi Butts is a lawyer, entrepreneur, board director, and former CEO of Rise Asset Development.

Michael Cooke is the Board Chair of Journalists for Human Rights and former Editor-in-Chief of the Toronto Star.

Sara Diamond is President Emerita of OCAD University, accomplished researcher, technology innovator and design strategist and former Executive Producer of Media and Visual Art and Director of Research at the Banff Centre and founder of the Banff New Media Institute.

Madeleine Féquière is the Director and Corporate Credit Chief of Domtar and Independent Director of Investissement Québec.

Karen MacKenzie is President and Co-Founder of MacKintosh Canada, commissioner on the Edmonton Police Commission and Senior Advisor to the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership, Coady Institute at St. Francis Xavier University.

Don McCutchan is an economist and former partner and international policy advisor at Gowling WLG, former Executive Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and former officer at the Canadian Department of Finance.

David Simmonds is the former Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs at McKesson Canada and President-Elect of Canadian Club Toronto.

The CCPC will publish opinion and analysis pieces by its experts, on trends and important developments related to the purpose of the corporation, in conjunction with its work advising Canadian businesses and organizations.

More information about the CCPC panel of experts can be found on its website.

About the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation

The Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation is a ground-breaking initiative of Navigator, Canada’s leading high-stakes public strategy and communications firm. The Centre’s team of experts in policy, governance, business, communications, law, and social responsibility help equip Canadian businesses and organizations with insights, tools, and support as they work to redefine and strengthen both the scope of their purpose and the contributions they make more broadly to society.

Building on the findings of a landmark proprietary research study due in September, the Centre will release regular analysis and guidance for business based around the expectations of Canadians. It will use these insights to design tailor-made strategic solutions for businesses and organizations to define, advance, and implement their purpose.

More information about the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation can be found on its website or on LinkedIn.

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